Program Goals

  • Youth and beginner farmers will learn the practices of planting, soil nutrition, harvesting, packaging, pricing, marketing, and operating an urban garden. Highlights include a Farmer’s Market open to the public.
  • BMBC- ACP will host outreach events and workshops. Informational workshops will be facilitated by local NRCS officers, farmers, agricultural experts, academia, business partners, and volunteer advisors.
  • Outreach events are designed to educate the historically underserved and our community at large. This includes agri-tours, healthy living workshops, advise on gardening, USDA and other community  resources and promotions.
  • The BMBC Farmer’s Market will be the place to purchase freshly harvested nutrient-rich foods at moderate prices, share recipes, and participate in interactive healthy lifestyle workshops.
  • BMBC- ACP will provide employment for a team of 68-10 workers including summer employment for youth beginning at age 15.